How much does it cost to self-publish? — The Cat’s Write

Milly offers plenty of good advice regarding covers and professional editors, though be aware that her figures are in Australian Dollars rather than U.S. Dollars, and I’ve no idea what the exchange rate currently is, or what it will be when you’re reading this.

One thing I would add is that you should always, always, always be wary of self-publishing or publish-on-demand outfits that make you pay up-front to publish your books. Those outfits are usually fly-by-night scammer operations, and even if they’re not, they’ll charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars to publish your book, and the odds of you recouping the money from sales are slim to none. Nearly all reputable firms will take a percentage of the cover price of each copy of the book that you sell. They’ll charge extra to edit, promote, and distribute your book, but not to actually publish it.

Make your dreams a reality: publish your book and share it with the world. And never stop writing.


I’ve been keen to self-publish my novels for years and years now. So you may ask… why have you taken so long? Besides not wanting to rush into things, I have a confession to make: I’m not in the best spot financially, and while there’s always something romantic about the idea of being a ‘starving […]

via How much does it cost to self-publish? — The Cat’s Write


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